How to Distinguish Horse Color by Name – Part 1

Have you ever seen a horse or pony being ridden and wondered why the rider picked that colored horse? Have you ever seen a horse that looked pretty, but you didn’t know the color of the horse? Horse colors are generally easy but some are quite hard. Here is an easy way to tell what color a horse is.

  1. Learn some basic terminology:
    Points: This is referring to the the ears, lower legs, and mane and tail.670px-Distinguish-Horse-Color-by-Name-Step-1Bullet1
    Mane: The longer hairs growing along the ridge of a horse’s neck, from between the ears to the base of the withers.670px-Distinguish-Horse-Color-by-Name-Step-1Bullet2
    Tail: The long hairs growing from the tailbone.670px-Distinguish-Horse-Color-by-Name-Step-1Bullet3
    White leg markings: These are situated on the leg regions and include the coronet band (very close to the hoof), white heel (very close to the heel, but situated near the caudal wall), sock (comes right above the pastern), half stocking (comes halfway between the pastern and knee), stocking (touches or above the knee), irregular stocking (stocking that only part of it is above the knee and the other is below it), ermine spots (irregular dark patches near the hoof inside white markings), and pastern (comes just to the pastern).670px-Distinguish-Horse-Color-by-Name-Step-1Bullet4Facial markings: These are situated on the head and forehead and include:670px-Distinguish-Horse-Color-by-Name-Step-1Bullet5
    Star (little mark on forehead)
    Snip (little mark on muzzle)
    Blaze (Wide stripe of white down the front of the face)
    Stripe (Very thin stripe of white down the front of the face)
    Bald/white face (Very wide blaze that goes includes the horses eyes)
    Eye colors: To help tell the different colors apart, though not common, these names may appear: Eye wall, blue eye, teal eye, glass eye, white sclera. Horses can have blue, brown, green, hazel, gold, and red eyes.670px-Distinguish-Horse-Color-by-Name-Step-1Bullet6
    Other important features of a horse’s colour include: Spots, patches, predominant and base coat.

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